Why Data changes everything

We live in a time where a decent internet connection can bring the world’s knowledge to our fingertips. Smartphones together with that has created this new medium where most of human attention is spent on. And knowing what users are looking at and what their preferences are is a game-changer. Well, knowing in itself is not the game-changer but the scale is. We have the possibility to look at a lot of data before making decisions. However, even with access to data, we tend to take a decisions based on our gut feeling or on someone else’s opinion (on a personal and an organizational level). Simply because that’s how we normally do it. There are lot of decisions that we have to make that can be done in a much informed way like choosing an employer, finding an apartment, deciding a vacation spot or even buying a car.

So even though we are quite into this new medium we haven’t started to fully utilize the potential it brings. In this new medium, we don’t have to physically show up somewhere to get paid. The content we create can do that for us, across the globe.

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