Walt's Three Rooms

Walt Disney used this method to come up with new ideas and subsequently break them down and refine them to end up with something viable.

The process is split into 3 parts:

  1. The Dreamer: There are no bad ideas here. It can be wild or logical. With as less thought on limitations. Raw ideas that are bold, absurd or downright ridiculous.
  2. The Realist: In this stage the ideas are re-examined. The practical aspects are given more importance. This stage is about answering “How?” it can be done.
  3. The Critic: Play the devil’s advocate a bit. Try to shoot down your ideas. A key part of working on the most important and awesome ideas is to kill the not so good ones early on.

Walt also incorporated a physical aspect to this method. Each of this stage would be done in different rooms. This is a really powerful move. It engages and cue’s your brain to get into a particular mindset each time you enter the room.

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