Software for War

The US air force is hiring companies to build nervous system for war as part of their project known as Advanced Battle Management System. “The goal of ABMS is to enable the Air Force and Space Force to operate together and as part of a joint team – connecting sensors, decision makers and weapons through a secure data network enabling rapid decision making and all-domain command and control,” according to an Air Force press release.

This project is part of Joint All-Domain Command & Control (JADC2), which is a software platform that will help them orchestrate battles on multiple fronts – air, land, sea, cyber – and even the electromagnetic spectrum. JADC2 aims to link all of their entities like ships, aircrafts, soldier etc. This can help them run operations much more efficiently. More importantly, it opens up the possibility of collecting tons of data from the field and using that to better predict scenarios and outcomes. Which in turn can be used to strategically deploy resources during an operation in real-time. Could this mean that we are building a real-world war machine that can possibly predict attacks and weaknesses of the opponent with more certainty. On the other hand, this can become an Achilles heal as well.

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