Meta is the next wave of the same ocean in social platforms

Meta is the next wave of the same ocean in social platforms
Photo by Dima Solomin / Unsplash

Social platforms are the new “community”.

But what does that mean for an AR-VR fueled future?

Social platforms on the internet eventually create its own sub-culture. Unsaid rules on how to behave on the platform emerges. And eventually it begets a vibe.

Each platform encourages or discourages its own set of values. And therefore attracts different kinds of people. The personas of people on @reddit vs. @tiktok_us are different. Of course, some overlap is there, but by and large they gravitate towards different personas.

As a whole, the platform is an unfathomable force on the internet powered by an army of users. The human mind is exceptionally bad at interpreting large numbers. Since it is hard to visualize numbers and end up being under-estimated. 80,000 doesn’t seem like a large number. For reference, that’s how many people you could fit in the Colosseum.

The pattern of a culture emerging from a group is nothing new. We humans have been doing it for thousands of years. It was detrimental to the survival of our race.

To be part of a tribe.

However, the medium of such tribes have evolved.

The medium in which these social platforms thrive is still text, pictures and recently video (@instagram reel, @tiktok_us, @snapchat). Though its been a really tough nut to crack in video form. This is where @meta is at a really interesting juncture. It is creating a medium for the next generation of social platforms.

That to me is leverage unlike anything else.

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