How Flexport Works?

Flexport provides a digital solution for businesses to transport and store goods globally. The freight forwarding industry has been scattered and subject to regulations that are specific to the country. Customs handling is also an arduous task around the world. And to top it all off, the mammoth effort required to orchestrate a shipping activity end to end takes multiple entities in different time zones collaborating and communicating to make it work.

Traditionally, freight forwarders take up all these work, but even then the process still used to rely a lot on emails, telephone calls etc. This was an opportunity for disruption. Introducing software to this process and streamlining the processes enable flexport to become more efficient than traditional freight forwarders. Flexport successfully abstracts all that from the businesses and that is where the actual value is created in the value chain. Flexport then goes on into activities with their local partners and existing expertise to fulfill orders from their customers.


The Flexport Business Model

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