Freudian Slip

A Freudian slip is an error that occurs due to an internal train of thought. It is said that this happens due to the interference of the unconscious. It is characterized as a slip because it is an indication of what you are thinking behind the scenes. Sometimes these slips can be quite revealing to you and to others. A peak into what you believe, what you wish and what you haven’t addressed yet. At other times, these slips can be a way for your mind to tell you it’s standing on something. Verbal errors are not random, they are puzzles to be solved.

If a text engine like GPT-3 is trained with a lot of text concerning to a person. Maybe all speeches of a famous personality. And the engine writes a speech posing as them. If some parts of the speech or even a sentence didn’t make sense, it would be easily discarded as an outlier. But what if that is also another indication of a Freudian slip. Can this trait be replicated in systems like these?

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