Data First Organisation

Companies are having more and more access to data. Data from suppliers, data from intermediaries, data from customers and prospective customers. Traditional companies are not built in a way to make use of all this data. The data has to go through multiple steps and different handlers before business insights can be generated. Typically, the team that handles the data pipeline is buried somewhere under “Engineering” or “Research and Development”. However, the users of the data are spread across every vertical ranging from sales, marketing, logistics and even human resources. Don’t forget the fact that the company itself generates a lot of data everyday from its operations and employees. The crux of the problem with traditional organisation is that data is harvested and probably can be used in most parts of the organisation/ However, not everyone is well-versed with how to play around with data and make sense of it. The whole process of using data to make better decisions isn’t a one-off ceremony. Rather it is a feedback loop of varying cadence that needs close attention.

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