Hi, I'm Hari!

Welcome to Thinkwist, my online home and my personal brand.

⚡ Think•wist  [θɪŋk•wɪst]

Thinkwist is a word I coined. Derived from 2 parent words "think" and "wist", which means "[archaic] to have knowledge of".

I have been writing on Thinkwist since 2020 and it began as a place where I would write short notes on various topics that excited me and to improve the clarity in my thinking. My notes and essays mostly cross between mental models, systems thinking, technology, investing and automotive.

The goal for Thinkwist is to become a place where I can write mainly about the automotive industry from a systems and strategy perspective. Here's an article about the state of automotive systems.

🙂 About me

I have a full-time job as an Automotive System Architect at Scania CV AB. Prior to which I received a Master's Degree in Engineering Design with a focus on Mechatronics and System Design from KTH. I am currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Travel is the closest thing to time travel for me. Along with travelling, I enjoy taking photographs of architecture, nature and the sky. Check them out on my Instagram page, shotbyhkr.

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